Community Initiative For Integrated Rural Development (CIIRD) is a registered not for profit community based organization in Lwengo district, Uganda. The organization was founded in 2011 and registered in with Lwengo District Community development Department under NGO/CBO 2010 and local Government act 1997 to alleviate poverty and address environmental challenges among smallholder farmers in different communities of Lwengo district especially in Kkingo SubCounty; reduce food insecurity and improve on livelihoods of rural pro poor farmer families through Agroforestry and farm enterprises.

Lwengo district (Uganda) has suffered the worst effects of climate change where smallholder farmers have experienced harsh climatic conditions such as prolonged drought, poor rainfall distribution, crop failure and loss of livestock yet small holder farmer families entirely depend on their farm lands for food and income to sustain their families.

We work with impoverished smallholder farmer families which are supported through capacity building to ensure food and nutrition security, engage them in profitable nature based farm enterprises and conserve the environment through sustainable land use management practices. The farmers we work with are faced with both socio-economic and environmental challenges that have lead to the vicious circle of poverty.  We therefore work with communities to mainstream HIV/AIDS and gender issues in communities, raise awareness HIV/AIDS control among youths in and out of school.