Environment conservation


Maesopsis tree seedlings healthily growing in a nursery bed

In this component we aim at providing sustainable solutions to improve the resilience of farmer families to climate change and its effects using  using Agroforestry.

Agroforestry. This is a land use management system in which trees or shrubs are grown around or among crops or pastureland. It combines shrubs and trees in agricultural and forestry technologies to create more diverse, productive, profitable, healthy, ecologically sound, and sustainable land-use systems.

Here, we promote conservation agriculture through environment friendly farm enterprises that enhance sustainability of smallholder farms and improve their resilience towards climate change through use of climate smart and organic farming practices to grow food crops and improved livestock management for increased food supply and income generation for  families.

In the project farmers receive free tree seedlings to plant on their farm land to integrate them with other farm enterprises for improved productivity of smallholder farms.

The livestock generate manure which is used on the farm to improve soil fertility. The use of sustainable agriculture land management (SALM) practices such as composting, use of organic pesticides, soil and water conservation practices enhance soil stability and fertility for increased farm productivity.

Through our  Trees for farmer families project, Smallholder farmers receive free tree seedlings to plant on their farm land to integrate them with other farm enterprises for improved productivity of smallholder farms.  Farmer families benefit from trees planted on their farms by getting fruits, firewood, medicinal values, fodder for their livestock and improved soil fertility among others.

We also have a small demonstration farm in Luteete village where we demonstrate all the sustainable Agroforestry farming practices. On the farm, we have a tree nursery where we raise Agroforestry tree seedlings to distribute to community members for free. At the farm, we also have dairy cows, pigs, chickens and ducks which provide manure/waste that is used to produce bio fuel used on the farm besides their highly demanded products.

Through our ‘One model home at a time project’ we are developing model homes in different communities to demonstrate the best Conservation Agriculture practices, use of sustainable energy options, best sanitation practices to the communities for a higher adoption of the practices and technologies.

Farm enterprises. Smallholder farm businesses enhance income generation for poor families. Through livestock enterprises (poultry keeping, piggery, dairy and goat keeping) and crop enterprises (coffee, banana, vegetables etc) and integration of trees and shrubs with the enterprises, smallholder farmers earn income from the sale of farm products thus self reliance and sustainable livelihoods.

Tree planting campaigns. This is where we organize, sensitise and hold environment conservation awareness campaigns and let communities take responsibility to conserve the environment. During these campaigns, different stakeholders like local leaders, the general public and development partners engage in massive tree planting where fruit and non fruit trees are planted on public land such as hospitals churches and degraded lands.

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