Our approach

This is our approach to community projects.

CIIRD uses a Community Resource Based Approach where we encourage farmer families and the community to use the available resources around them to break free from poverty and improve their livelihoods. We work closely with the local community especially poor farmer families to use the natural resources such as land, forests, wetlands and others to bring about positive and lasting change in their lives and the whole community at large.

Identification of community problems. Community members identify the most pressing challenges and problems in the community.

The challenges and problems are then ranked for prioritisation and the most urgent is selected.

Identification of lasting solutions.Community members propose possible solutions to their problems using locally available resources. CIIRD guides local members on the best solutitions that benefit the  people and enhance sustainability.

Project design and implementation. CIIRD with the community design and implement the selected project.

Project monitoring and evaluation. Community members together with CIIRD evaluate the project’s impact on the lives of the local community members.