Treasure woman.

Women making craft products

Treasure woman project. In rural communities of Lwengo, many households are headed by single women who lost their husbands due to HIV/AIDS scourge. They spend much of their time looking for firewood, fetching water and looking after their children and sick husbands. Here we work with women to improve their livelihoods through providing positive living support and skills development activities.

Women and young mothers in this group make craft handbags, tablemats, knitting and others which they sell to earn income besides their domestic work. Some women have received Gift pigs which they keep and sell when they multiply to earn income from the sale of piglets.

The piggery project is also aimed at improving the quality of the soil by using the pig waste as organic fertilisers to improve soil fertility and thus increase farm productivity. This also helps to reduce use of external farm inputs such as synthetic products.