Thanks for your interest in volunteering with us, we are counting on your volunteer support! Kindly fill the application form at the end of this page.

The areas here are open for both VOLUNTEERS and INTERNSHIP.

You can either volunteer online or by visiting us in Uganda.

Volunteers engage in our activities in various ways to support CIIRD Uganda serve the people and community better. We have volunteer opportunities in three areas;

  • Environment conservation projects
  • Community development
  • Community education program.

Environment. Activities in our environment projects include; tree planting, sustainable land management, sustainable energy, community awareness workshops and conservation Agriculture. Volunteers with skills and knowledge in these areas of Environment are highly welcome.

Community development.This position focuses on empowering women and youth through Agriculture, access to affordable credit, economic and gender empowerment, water and sanitation and life skills development, Human rights education,Volunteers are highly welcome to work with us in these areas.

Community education program. Many farmer families are struggling with poverty and HIV/AIDS; through health education, we conduct outreaches to affected families  affected by the disease, hold awareness workshops on HIV/AIDS prevention, voluntary testing and positive living. through our human rights education program, we sensitize local people especially women on their rights since they form the largest percentage of victims to domestic violence, denied rights to land ownership and others.

For details on our Volunteer program, please contact Godfrey.

email: zaakefrey@gmail.com